About Rentokil

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Association and Qualification

Rentokil Pest Control Hong Kong continuously strives for excellence and is listed in some organizations:

National Pest Management Association

As a certified member of National Pest Management Association (NPMA) since 2015, we have regularly received the latest pest control information from around the world so as to not only keep up to update with the most advanced application of pesticide skills,  but also enhance the pest control expertise of our service technicians. We have therefore mutually committed to protecting the public health, food safety and property and ultimately achieving the quality of life.

Hong Kong Pest Control Management Association

The Hong Kong Pest Control Management Association (HKPMA) was formed in late  1986. The 1st  General meeting was held in August 1987 to form the first Executive Committee to approve the constitutions and Rentokil Hong Kong has been qualified as one of the members since then until today for 26 years.

In accordance with the objectives of the association, Rentokil Hong Kong has been committed to promote the interests and general welfare of the pest control industry while continually raising the standard of service through training and education. In addition, Rentokil Initial has been active to receive consultation from association and the regulatory departments on standards of practice and safety.

Provided with the exchanged information and views from fellow pest control associations and interested parties, Rentokil Hong Kong is also encouraged to establish and maintain high standards of competence, knowledge and performance so as to promote public a broader understanding and acceptance of the pest control industry as indispensable to the health, comfort, safety and convenience of the public.