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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can make our life really miserable. Besides causing constant annoyance and irritation, some species can also transmit deadly diseases. As mosquitoes are pervasive pests, the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to arrange for specialised treatments by fully trained pest control professionals.

Professional Mosquito Control Services from Rentokil

At Rentokil, our pest experts are fully trained professionals with knowledge of the habits and lifecycle of mosquitoes. Effective trainings enable us to treat and get rid of mosquitoes as effectively as possible, helping you to not only minimise itchy bites but more importantly, the protection against mosquito-borne viral diseases including Dengue fever that could be fatal.

Remember: Female mosquitoes require just a few inches of water to deposit her eggs!

Our Solution - Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM)

  • Larviciding

    • It is a treatment to control the development of mosquitoes’ larvae.
    • Larvicide treatment at mosquito hotspots can help to reduce its infestation.
    • A thorough inspection for any potential breeding ground will be conducted before we carry out the larvicide treatment.

  • External Misting

    • Misting can be carried out to eliminate breeding of adult mosquitoes.
    • It is essential to treat at the right time when the mosquitoes are active to get a more effective control.
    • Eliminates the harbouring and breeding of adult mosquitoes surrounding your premises compound.

  • Adult Mosquito Trap

    • Effective against mosquitoes species such as Aedes and Culex.
    • It works by distributing a scent around the trap; mosquitoes lured to it are then sucked in by a fan.
    • Trapped adult mosquitoes eventually dehydrate and die, breaking the breeding life-cycle.
    • It is also used for monitoring mosquito activities.

  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Misting 

    • Chemical intervention through ULV Misting is another way to eliminate adult mosquitoes which also helps in breaking the breeding cycle. 
    • This method can cover areas from small to a huge location and is applicable to indoor areas.

Do not take any chances with mosquitoes! Call the experts at Rentokil for more advices at (852) 2954 6888 for your business or home.

Professional Mosquito Control Trap from Rentokil


Rentokil offers innovative, eco-friendly mosquitoes management system, Mosclean, to make trapped mosquitoes dry to death without scattering debris in the air.


  • Roof - maintain stable air flow and minimize the influence of ambient winds to suck mosquitoes into the container 
  • LED UV source – optimized wavelength to attract mosquitoes over a wider area 
  • Fan - strongly draw attracted mosquitoes into container at high speed
  • Container – exhaust inlet-air toward outside of container and trap mosquitoes by dehydration 
  • Photocatalytic reaction to release CO2


  • Trap mosquitoes 3 to 4 times more than conventional bug lights 
  • UV spectrum specifically targeted at mosquitoes 
  • Reduce scattering debris 
  • Eco-friendly, safe (without mercury/hazardous chemicals) 
  • Lower power consumption using high efficiency UV LEDs 
  • Quiet operation of fan and motor without spark noise


Rentokil offers eco-friendly mosquitoes management system, Biogents with the patented trapping system. Its extraordinary capture rate was reviewed by a growing number of scientific publications.


  • Use of pure carbon dioxide as an attractive key element of humans to attract blood-feeding insects
  • Added with patented human skin scents further optimizes the catch rate
  • Attracted mosquitoes are sucked into trap bag from which they cannot escape and dry in the end
  • Confirmed by worldwide scientists, significant reduction of mosquito bites can be achieved only within few days and further hinder offspring


  • Specifically enhances catch rate of tiger mosquitoes
  • Specify not to damage beneficial insects like butterflies, bees, ladybugs
  • Eco friendly without use of insecticides and release of toxins
  • Energy saving and safe
  • Requires little care and maintenance

Why Choose Rentokil?

  • Global Leader with Local Expertise - Rentokil pest control headquarter was founded in London in 1925 as a trusted worldwide provider of pest control solutions for over 90 years. Rentokil Hong Kong started pest control business in 1964.

  • Experienced and Professionally Trained Technicians - All our Service Technicians are licensed professionals who have extensive pest knowledge with over 50 years of experience and are strictly trained to comply with standardized service procedures.

  • Operational Excellence - We have provided extensive service coverage with over 200 professional experts for efficient response and effective solutions.

  • Expert Knowledge - Our pest experts are periodically provided with continuous training programmes, to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.

  • Targeted Treatments - Our extensive pest knowledge means we can provide you with targeted and effective treatment while we understand your challenges.

  • Site Risk Assessment - Completed in compliance with Rentokil pest control requirement to ensure that all treatments carried out in your premises are conducted in a safe manner.

  • Quality Assurance - We are committed to delivering optimal quality service by regular quality inspection at customers' premises. Besides, all pesticides used are approved by Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

  • Value Added Service - We have periodically provided specialist training to customers' employees with pest management recommendations.


    *Service coverage will be subject to the final agreement signed with the client