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Users Case with Sharing Of Rentokil Home Pest Control Service

Name of user with her sharing: Ms. Ho


The weather became hot and humid since last month and mosquito bites are rising dramatically at my house lately. My two year-old daughter is attractive from the bloodthirsty mosquitos which makes her every night awake with many huge itchy areas of red and swollen bites. One day saw an advertisement online about a residential pest control program. I am very satisfied with the effective treatment with obvious much less mosquitos bites. The service staff are experienced provided with professional solutions. Besides, the pesticides used are registered under Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, which gives peace of mind of the safe usage. 

Name of user with her sharing: Ms. Chung


I've got two children who love eating while playing around at home. Lately, there is a massive cockroaches infestation in the kitchen and corners of the dining area. They still appear even when I have killed dozens every day. It is absolutely awful and I am desperate for help! All spray and gel I have tried are useless and a waste of money. Then I have joined the Rentokil Home Protection Plan recommended by my friend. The scale of the company is large and they charged me a very reasonable price. Especially the plan uses the natural green concept with pesticide free solutions, which is harmless to our children. Why don’t you go for a trial? 

Name of users with their sharing: Mr Wu and Mrs. Wu


I live in New Territories with lots of surrounding flowers and leaves. Recently, I am suspicious that there are fleas found in the baby room. Every night that makes my one-year-old son left with red print and cried seriously, sometimes some small blisters even appear. It is such a great uselessness of the blench bought in the supermarket. Lately I have joined the Rentokil Home Protection Plan. Professional technicians came to inspect in detail and their housekeeping recommendations were given as well. Overall, we appreciate a lot for the effectiveness of the pest control and the friendly attitude of the service staff.

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